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This week’s blogger of the week comes from Northfield, NJ. Kevin Jarrett is a K-4 Google certified computer teacher and technology facilitator at Northfield Community School, online educator for Walden University, blogger, consultant and workshop leader. When not teaching, blogging, or tweeting (follow him @kjarrett), Jarrett spends his time researching the virtual world Second Life. You can view his latest findings at his Second Life Project Blog.

Jarrett’s story is an inspiration. In August 2002, nearly a year after the September 11th attacks inspired him to change careers and make a difference in the world, he left the business world and a 6-figure career to pursue his dream of becoming a teacher. Five years later he found himself living his dream. He writes,

“Today, I have that dream job, and am surrounded every day by the two things I love most: children and technology… Leaving the corporate world was the best decision I ever made. If children are as important to you as making a difference in the world is, there is no better place on earth for you than the classroom. The best part of my day, every day, is the 250 minutes I get to spend with my students. They are incredibly appreciative, naturally inquisitive, unbelievably focused and just plain fun to be around. They bring out the best in me.”

Read more about Jarrett on his personal website, here.

EdTech Resources for K-8 Teachers

His edtech blog, NCS-Tech provides helpful resources for K-8 educators including the latest in educational technology and free technology tools for educators which are often applicable to learners of all ages. His blog also includes his lessons – categorized by grade level, favorite videos, recommended readings, and more.

The post that caught my attention this week was titled Top Ten Reasons You Should Attend a “Barcamp” (especially edcamp PHILLY!). For those of you that don’t know, a “barcamp” is a user generated conference or an unconference. Here are his main points, in short:

Top 10 Reasons to Attend a “Barcamp” by Kevin Jarrett

10. It’s free.

9. It’s (often) local.

8. No “boat show”.

7. There’s food.

6. Interesting, creative, hard working people – like you.

5. Barcamps are edgy.

4. Connect in person with people you know online.

3. Conference participants determine the schedule – that day.

2. The rule of 2 feet.

1. Relaxed, informal learning at its best.

edCamp South Florida Anyone?

All I could think after reading the post was, I’m jealous! Anyone interested in working together to prepare an edcamp South Florida? If so, send me a tweet @akenuam or comment below. Thanks!

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