New Year’s Resolutions – Collaboration & Technology

Goal setting is a great activity for kids.  Coming up with meaningful and attainable goals is a great way to build self-esteem and aiming to reach for higher successes.  The start of a new year is a great time to sit down with your children as a family to build both personal and family resolutions and goals.

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Collaborating to Come up with Goals

A positive way to share these goals is through collaboration.  By collaborating with others in building your goals, you can achieve several things.  Others have an outside perspective to provide critical feedback on weaknesses that you should strive to improve upon, for example, arriving on time for sport practices, completing homework assignments before dinner time, having family dinner time at least 5 nights a week, or going to bed by 10 pm on school/work nights to be well rested.  Discussing goals with others also holds you to be more accountable.

Sharing Goals through Technology

Taking collaboration one step further beyond sharing with your goals with your family would be to build and share your goals with your social networking communities through technology like Facebook and Twitter.  Having all of your friends and family involved casts a wider net of responsibility and support to help achieve your goals.  These technologies also help you to update your progress of reaching and maintaining the goals.  This should be done at least once a month to help hold yourself and your children accountable for their goals.  Including pictures with these posts is also a great motivator.  As a parent, take a picture of that yummy Wednesday meal you make for your family. For a child, post that grades have gone up from sticking to your goal of finishing your homework before dinner.  Revisiting your goal and sharing it with others will help you to continue to strive to reach your goal.

Another way to share your goals online is through the various goal trackers.  For example, Joe’s Goals is free and easy to use tracking system.  You setup your free account and then you can gauge your success by marking green checks for successes, red x’s for setbacks, and a journal to keep notes reflecting on what make your successful or unsuccessful on reaching the goal that week.  You can keep track of multiple goals on the same calendar and it is easy to share on a personal blog or other social networking sites.  Another example is 43Things.  On this website, you list your top 3 goals and then you are paired with other individuals online that share the same goals.  You can also share this list on Facebook or in a printable version to share with family.

Creating and sharing goals and resolutions is an activity for everyone in the family.  Goals can directly impact health, wellbeing, happiness, and success.  It is important for children to create attainable goals and follow up on achieving these goals by making them known to their friends and family who can provide support and encouragement to help reach the goals.

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