New Apps for Kids for the New Year

Many kids are the proud new owners of a brand new iPod, iPad or iPhone after this past holiday season. There are thousands and thousands of apps that are available to download. The great thing about the fact that there are so many is that there are so many that are available absolutely free! After spending so much on these devices, it is nice to know that there are plenty of fun and educational apps that kids can download! Here are five great apps that will have your kids entertained and engaged!


TweezzleLite– Great for the iPhone and iPod touch, this puzzle app really makes you keep your eye on the prize! A flock of colorful birds must be dragged in every direction in rows of a single color. Once rows are arranged, the lines disappear. Once this is done over and over, you will discover the picture underneath! Beware of the obstacles, like birds stuck in cages or some sick ones with the flu!

Chicktionary Lite – This free educational app provides kids with word search fun. The funny chicken characters provide for entertainment with their movements. There are also 12 different levels, which is a lot for a free game. This fun game will allow kids to build up their vocabulary skills while having fun.

Paper Toss Many students have been guilty of shooting hoops of old paper into a garbage bins. This app replicates that old classroom pastime. Kids will toss the paper balls into containers on the screen. There are fun background noises. There is also a fan that is blowing at different speeds to try to challenge you but with a little work, you will be a shooting star!

Touch Physics LiteThis educational app has children obeying the laws of physics. By moving a small wheel to a star target, kids must draw and drop objects. This interesting app allows the user to be in the control of the destiny of the wheel while obeying the laws of physics. A highly addictive and challenging game that any kid will go crazy for!

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