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Episode 56 – 4.22.2011

NASA’s 50th Anniversary Flash feature

  • This interactive timeline highlights each decade that NASA has been involved with, starting with 1950 and continuing into the 2000’s. When you click on each decade, you get to explore and click around to learn and discover what was going on during those times.
  • Also gives you some history, animations, virtual radio broadcasts of news headlines of NASA and other world news, original videos, speeches and rocket launches!
  • There is even some historical information that they might not even notice they are learning, just by clicking around. The robot guide acts as a friendly character who will take the children throughout the site.
  • This would also work well on an interactive smart board to use with a whole class for instruction.

Plant a Garden

  • Kids Gardening
  • School Garden Wizard
  • BBC Kids Gardening

Adventure Apps: Stella and Sam

  • These adventure apps combine animations and games to tell a story. These entertaining apps are intuitive for students to both watch and play.
  • Both apps are a great way for families or groups to enjoy the stories of these two characters. They follow the stories based on an animated TV show. All adventures have original animated story chapters, games and quick navigation.
  • Both apps have very clear and bright graphics. The stories are easy to follow along with and the voices are great narrators. The games and activities that are in the middle are a great way to break it up.

Netflix Approach to Reading

  • Article from eSchool News on new technology that implements Netflix logic to suggest books for children

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