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Episode 24  –  August 30, 2010

Feature of the Week – Nutrition in Schools

  • Chefs working with schools in “Chefs Move to Schools” program
  • Bringing organic and freshly grown fruits and vegetables
  • Using student opinion and tastes to incorporate into menu
  • Offering cooking classes and other healthy ideas for students to learn

Watch and Learn – Thresholds Theatre

  • Center offers program for students with special needs
  • Starts with brainstorming, games, creative exercises
  • Students generate ideas for a production, and then perform for the community, showing their personal struggles and experiences.

Teach This – Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom

  • Your ICan is more important than your IQ
  • Different theories of multiple intelligences
  • Find strengths in each student
  • Apply the 8 ways of knowing in your own classroom

E-Freebies – 4 Media Creating Sites

  • Toshiba America Foundation
  • Digital Wish
  • The Wells Fargo Foundation

So, What Do You Know?

  • The fastest time for twisting a balloon into a dog shape is 6.5 seconds.
  • There are 10 body parts that are three letters long.

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