Mrs. P Will Get Your Kids Reading!

Any child who loves listening to stories will love this site!

Mrs. P’s Magic Library is a fantastic, free website. This award-winning site is so interactive; you might even feel like you are in a different world.

mrs p

When you enter Mrs. P’s magic library, you will meet Mrs. P, who will become your personal storyteller. The opening screen is so interactive. Mrs. P sits in her chair by the fireplace. You can click on pictures, rooms, stories and more!

Wherever you click, something fun is sure to happen. On the library shelves, you can select a book and Mrs. P will then read the story for you. Popular titles like Jack and the Beanstalk and Sleeping Beauty can be found here. The videos range from 5 to 30 minutes. Mrs. P offers a short and fun introduction to each of the stories.

What is also a great addition to this site is the dictionary in the corner. Kids can look up words they are not familiar with while pausing the story so they can learn the meaning. There are also free downloads at iTunes of the Grand Prize winning stories of Mrs. P’s first annual, nationwide kids’ writing contest!

Not only are there great stories for you and your kids to enjoy, but there are a whole range of great resources, too. From printables to activities and games, this site really does have it all.

Because there is so much to do on this site, I could probably write three more blogs just about Mrs. P’s Magic Library! I suggest heading over to the site and checking it out for yourself!

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