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Episode 44 – 1.28.2011

Doodling Stars Video

  • It is about doodling in math class instead of learning about the process of factoring. As the video continues, you see that the student has actually learned all about factoring through the doodles she has made. It is a video that opens up your mind, and lets you know that learning can really be anywhere you are, sometimes without even any notice.
  • Doodling Stars, by Vi Hart, recreational mathemusician
  • One of the many posts, including Binary Trees, Snakes + Graphs, Infinity Elephants and other number games. The videos all use real-life objects and topics to explore math.
  • Her videos are helpful for kids to know that you can learn math, along with many other subjects, outside of the textbook and classroom.
  • Check out her site for more fun math stuff, like how to make mathematical foods! Kids might even start thinking about and using math in a totally new way.

Nursing Students to Use iPods for Treatment and Exams

  • CLA Nursing school gave iPod Touches to their students¬† to use not only as a translating tool when seeing patients but also to run diagnostic tests and practice for their board exams.
  • Ohio State medical school students are using iPods to study images of organs and body parts that can be viewed in several angles.

Most Popular Apps

  • Apple has recently dedicated a special page on their iTunes store to 40 of the most popular apps for iOS devices. These lists include both paid and free apps for both devices.
  • The App Store has been steadily popular since its introduction in 2008. Everyday there are new apps made and introduced. Users have been downloading content at a rate of more than three billion apps per year, and the number of downloads is quickly reaching 10 billion!
  • Apple is even rewarding the person who downloads the 10 billionth app with a $10,000 iTunes gift card!
  • For the iPad:
    • Pandora Radio
    • Google Earth
    • Remote
    • Solitaire
    • Google Map
    • Yelp
    • iBooks
    • Movies by Flickster with Rotten Tomatoes
    • Fandango Movies
    • Bible
  • For the iPhone
    • Facebook
    • Shazam
    • Bump
    • Paper Toss
    • Pandora Radio
    • Google Earth
    • Movies by Flickster with Rotten Tomatoes
    • Google Mobile
    • The Weather Channel
    • Skype
  • Pandora Radio, Google apps and movie sites seem to be the most popular for both devices

Colleges Accept Video Essays to Connect with Students

  • Several universities are now accepting video essay as part of the college application.
  • The idea is that interviews are necessary but with a video, the student is able to be revolutionary and show their real selves.

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