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Episode 33 Fri, Nov. 5, 2010

Feature of the Week – iCan with the iPad

  • Video: Becoming Han Solo, the story of Owen who was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Type 1 and with the aid of the iPad he is able to continue learning.

Watch and Learn – “There’s an App For That!” Sesame Street Video

  • Sesame Street video that parodies the Apple commercials
  • Uses a fictional product, iPogo, to show capabilities
  • Teaches rhyming scheme through the song
  • Combines popular culture, technology and other popular features

New in the News – Money Lessons for Students

  • FoolProof Teacher is a website with tools for educators and students
  • The founder of the website lectures schools on tips for students to learn how to become money savvy

E-Freebies – 6 FREE iPad / iPhone Apps for Students

  • /
  • Wikipanion
  • Miss Spell’s Class
  • Arithme Tick
  • Read Me Stories
  • VideoScience

So, What Do You Know?

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