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Microsoft Mouse Mischief

Mouse Mischief is a free tool from Microsoft that provides educators with additional options to use with Microsoft Office PowerPoint to create interactive presentations. This specific tool is aimed at helping make the most of shared computer resources. Mouse Mischief is great for parents or teachers who want to create their own content and excite the children by really getting them involved with the lessons.

Mouse Mischief allows teachers to add multiple choice questions to their presentations and large groups can answer them using mice connected to a computer. After it is installed, a Mouse Mischief toolbar will appear in an opened PowerPoint presentation. Here, you can add elements such as multiple-choice questions, yes/no questions and matching questions. You can connect up to 25 wired or wireless mice with this application.

Mouse Mischief is a great way for children to have fun, get involved and learn in an interactive way. Educators will appreciate this tool because they can use it free, instead of paying for expensive devices such as clickers. Children are able to make use of the mice that are already available to them. By simply clicking their mouse cursor, they can answer the questions they see during the presentation. Educators also have the option to have children answer questions individually or in groups. They can disable children’s mouse cursors, navigate between slides, set timers and much more.

This tool is great for parents and teachers who want to create their own content and excite children  by really getting them involved with the lessons. It provides a reason for the children to pay attention because they are actually a part of the lesson and are actively involved. By combining standard teaching practice such as the blackboard, with interactive tools like Mouse Mischief, children can get involved and find value in shared computers. Mouse Mischief is a great resource for parents and teachers that can engage children and bring your lessons to life.

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