Me, Me, Me! – Learning Tool for Children

Sometimes kids tend to have the “me” attitude towards a lot of things. Here is a tool that you can use to give them what they want, while helping them learn at the same time.

this is me

Read Me is a fantastic tool that is full of engaging resources. All resources get kids really thinking about how important it is to learn and use that in their own lives.

It was designed with young boys in mind, but children of both sexes will find enjoyment in this tool. There are six modules that teach kids how to be reflective and deep thinkers and learners. They are as follows;

This is me – Covers autobiographical texts like diaries and blogs. There are also notes and presentations to help kids explore these texts in new ways.

Sport & me – Explores sports websites and media texts with different structure and presentation. Kids get to take on the role of a sports person and create their own report or site.

Love 4 me – Kids explore different types of love using various texts from different time periods and genres. All texts are linked to the theme of love helping students create their own chat show and collage about the topic.

Film + me– With the help of film trailers and titles, students learn how film can connect words, images, and sounds.  They are asked to present a novel as a trailer and become a director.

Graphics 4 me– With a graphic novel tool, kids explore how graphic novels work and use this knowledge to make their own graphic novel with this online tool.

Music in me– Songs, lyrics, and the impact they have on audiences, help kids understand how society is presented through music and the media and stereotypes and attitudes they may create.

All of these resources can help kids connect with a story, assignment or lesson.

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