Math and Reading Program for Special Needs Students

We’d love to remind you about MangoMon, a high interest / low level math and reading software program for special education children that range in age from teens to young adults.
The program is designed to determine each student’s ability levels then automatically provide them with individualized instruction that meets their needs. Animated and interactive lessons, activities and quizzes help special needs students practice fundamental math and reading skills in a fun, non-threatening environment.

MangoMon is aligned with national and state standards, and the math curriculum is aligned to Florida’s Access Points. The reading curriculum will also be aligned to the Florida Access Points once the education standards have been revised by the state.

MangoMon has been piloted in Miami-Dade County Public Schools through the Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Department. Initial feedback from teachers and parents was very positive.

A teacher at a high school in Miami, Florida commented, “My students are so engaged in the program that they don’t want to stop using it!” Another teacher in Kendall told us that her students seem to like the program much better than other reading programs they have been using. Teachers found that students at the ‘supported’ and ‘independent’ levels were the ones who were best able to benefit from the online reading and math program.

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