Math Live: Math Lessons with Cartoons

Math can be tricky for kids.  If we’re honest, it can be confusing for adults too.  Often parents that need to help their children with homework or teach math concepts when homeschooling struggle to understand the math work themselves.  Math Live is a website that teaches math concepts in a way that children can understand them.  There are several useful features found on this site.

Cartoon Math Lessons

Each lesson that they offer uses a short cartoon to introduce the skill. The lessons cover numbers and operations, geometry, and probability.  The lessons start with a cartoon and then move on to teaching the subject by video.  There are also interactive questions to go along with each teaching point so you can make sure that your child is understanding the material.

Math Lesson Notes

Along with each online lesson, parents can view or print teaching notes.  The notes explain what the math lesson is teaching and what children should be able to do at the end of the lesson.  It also gives ideas that parents can use for extra practice.  Many of these extra ideas are fun hands-on activities that reinforce the concept being taught.

Math Lesson Assessments

With any new skill that your child learns, it is important to assess whether or not the have truly learned the information.  Each lesson on Math Live comes with a printable assessment for the student to complete once they have mastered the lesson.  These assessments are perfect for students struggling with the new Common Core standards.  They not only have the children answer math problems, but students are also required to explain the reasoning behind some of their answers.  The assessments also give an answer key for parents to help them judge whether their child’s answers were correct and complete.

If you are a parent that has a difficult time teaching your math lessons to your children, this site can help.  You can use Math Live for a whole math lesson or just to introduce a concept using the cartoon.  What other sites do you use to help you teach math to your child?

Photo by: UBC Learning Commons

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