Math Apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

Yesterday, while browsing through the app store on iTunes, I came across a banner-style ad at the top of the page for apps that help you to learn math.  I found this feature very helpful and decided to browse through some of the apps.


The topics were broken down into sections including Numbers & Operation, Geometry, Algebra, Calculus, Probability & Statistics, Applying Math, and Math Games.  Each section provided a short list of apps to choose from based on the topic.  I was happy to see that they included such a wide variety of math related topics that included teaching math to toddlers all the way through adulthood.  The cost of the apps ranged from free up to $9.99.

The important factors that you should consider when buying an app to use is price, quality, interactive ability, and be sure that it is engaging and easy to use. Below are some suggestions of math apps that fit the above criteria.


iLiveMathSpeed is one of a series of iLiveMath apps provided by iHomeEducator.  This app provides children with engaging math word problems based on the Space Shuttle program along with other transportation methods.  Each engaging question is paired with pictures, audio, or video.  The math concepts include addition, subtraction, and fractions.  Science connections are made through the learning of rate, distance and speed of boats, cars, trains, and space shuttles.

If they want to learn more about a topic, they are able to choose to go through to a kid-friendly browser that links to the terms based on the transportation and math covered the program.  If a student answers the question correctly, it provides positive feedback.  If a child responds incorrectly, the student is given another opportunity to answer the question.  Responses can be emailed.

The newest version of this app has larger buttons to pick the various options and answers in the activity to help special needs students.  This app can be used in landscape mode which allows the buttons to be even larger.

115-in-1 Math Solver

The 115-in-1 Math Solver provides students with a calculator to solve a wide variety of math problems including algebra, geometry, statistics, and trigonometry.   The student chooses the type of problem they want to work on during each session.  They then plug in the appropriate numbers into the calculator and the problem will be solved.  The program shows the equations and graphs that correspond to the question to help the students to see how the problem was solved.  This app can be used by most high school math courses.  It is very easy to use.

Rocket Math

Rocket Math is an app for elementary age students.  The students solve math problems while building a space rocket.  Students earn money to buy the parts for their rocket by solving math problems.  Once their rocket is built, it is launched into space where students then must complete math missions.  Math topics include numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square roots, fractions, decimals, counting, telling time, money, shapes, and patterns.  There are three  difficulty levels which allow this program to be beneficial for math across all of the elementary grades.  Up to five different user accounts can be used on the same device making this an easy program to share across multiple classrooms or with multiple students.

This app is highly engaging and easy to use.  It earned two top app awards within the past year and has many highly regarded reviews.

What are your favorite math apps?

Article By Laura Ketcham

Picture By Tsubaki Kaworu

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