Make a Storybook! – Storytelling Tool

It’s alright for your kids to have a little fun while they are learning.

Kerpoof, known for their innovative and educational material, has just released something new in their collection, the Make a Storybook tool.

make a storybook

Using this tool, kids can create their very own picture and story books. By using the backgrounds, props and characters provided, or their own illustrations, they can help bring their stories to life.

The simple interface makes it easy to start creating. Once a child has a story idea or plot in mind, they can write it in either text boxes or speech bubbles. Thumbnails of each page that is created will appear on the sidebar so kids can monitor their own progress. The fun graphics and backgrounds to choose from will entice kids into getting creative. There are many options of choices, and the placement on them on the page is almost like a virtual sticker book.

When stories are finished, they can share them with their peers. This is a great resource for projects or classroom assignments. You can also print out the stories so that kids are able to show their parents what they have completed that day.

The Make a Storybook tool is a great way for kids to practice their writing and story telling skills. From fairy tales to myths and fables, the possibilities of story genres are endless. The great selection of story starters and images also help foster creativity. You can print out the stories, creating your very own library!

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