Look up to the Kloudz for Inspiration!

Nature and the outdoors can be a really great place for inspiration and creativity.  It is no wonder that poets, authors and artists often look to the outdoors to create their unique works. Looking up into the clouds is a great way to imagine different situations, pictures and work. Now, children are able to do just that- – online!


Klowdz is a new website that uses clouds to create this online drawing editor.  Clouds can be interpreted in so many different ways by so many different people!

Getting started on this site is quick and easy. You will be given a picture of different clouds. You can also have the option of changing the cloud picture with the click of a button. You will be given a different set of drawing tools that you can add details to your cloud picture with. These include sketching, circles, shading and more. Adjusting size and color will allow you to customize it even more.

Once you have created your very own masterpiece, you can save it to your computer or to the online gallery on the site. If you share in the gallery, you will be given a URL so you can share it with others. The gallery is a great place to go to get inspired and look at the works of others.

This site is great to use on a rainy day when kids are itching to use their creativity! The next time your kids look up into the clouds, see what they can create!

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