Lights, Camera, Action! – Story Time

Here is a great chance for your kids to take a seat in the director’s chair!

On the Zimmer Twins website, kids can create their own cartoon movie endings to a story starter. They can also create their very own animated movie from scratch.  On the site, kids will meet Edgar and Eva Zimmer, 12 year old twins with psychic powers. Only the creativity of your kids will decide what happens at each ending.

zimmer twins

Kids can create and edit movies solo or “Collab-o-write” by working together to create a collaborative movie. Some of the examples of story starters include titles like “Surprise” and “Rock Out” where they take charge of what happens next!

This site is a great way for kids to use their creativity. They can be their very own directors and producers. It is a great source of a story starter if you want to see your kids venture off and create their own story endings. The video clips provided are even great to use as writing prompts if kids are unable to access computers.

Parents can show the beginning of the animations on projectors and let the kids start brainstorming to create the rest of the story. This could be a great way for them to start building their storytelling and creative writing skills.

Kids could use this method to create movies about historical events, explaining a science experiment or presenting a book report. The fun and animated graphics will help spark your their imagination and creativity in whatever they choose to do!

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