Leveled Reading Passages

One of my favorite websites to find reading passages to use is www.readworks.org.  Readworks is a free site full of useful reading tools including leveled reading passages.  The site is perfect for struggling readers, finding themed passages, and even reading lesson ideas.

Reading Passages

Readworks has a huge selection of reading passages for all elementary and middle school grade levels.  The passages include both narrative and informational texts with comprehension questions and answers included for each text.  There are reading selections about holidays, famous people, and well-known events.  Even better, Readworks has an amazing search feature.  You can search the reading passages by grade level, lexile level, subject, or text type.  You can also search by the reading concept that is emphasized in a reading passage as well.

Skill and Strategy Units

Readworks also has a large number of reading skill units available.  Each unit includes several lessons that cover the concept.  The lessons give specific teaching instructions along with reading passages for your child and book titles that could accompany the lesson.  This is perfect if your child is struggling in an to understand a specific reading concept.

Novel Units

Another useful feature of Readworks is their novel units.  There are 12 complete novel units available for both Grade 5 and Grade 6.  In each unit, children will read an entire novel while going through between 5 and 7 lessons that focus on different reading skills based on the book.

Extra Benefits

Readworks is also completely Common Core Aligned.  You can enter the state you live in and your child’s grade level.  When you do, readworks will give you a list of lessons and passages that correspond to the standards that your child is expected to pass in that grade level.  The Binder feature is another helpful tool.  You can click on any passage or lesson and save it to your binder.  This allows you to easily find the passage again without searching when you are ready to use it with your child.

Readworks is one of the best sites I have found for supplemental reading lessons and activities.  Every skill necessary is right at your fingertips with printable reading passages to go with it.  What reading skills could your child use more practice with?

Photo by: Sebastien Wiertz

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