Learning from Kids, Adora Svitak

Adora Svitak is a 12 year-old published writer and poet, literacy advocate, teacher, speaker, and activist. I first learned about Adora when I came across her presentation at TED. She’s inspiring, intelligent, and one of my new role models.

Her first book, Flying Fingers, is a collection of stories and poems as well as a guide on how to inspire children to write. Adora got started writing at age 4 and was first published at the age of 7. She had a breakthrough when her mother purchased a used laptop so she could begin typing her stories and more.

Adora is also a speaker and has been invited to share her insights on education and technology at conferences such as Sun Microsystems’ Sunrise event and now, TED.

She started teaching K and 1st graders at a local school in Washington State on how to improve their writing and develop their creativity, right after her first book was published. Her teaching programs include:

  • Student-targeted presentations that are aligned to K-12 state standards
  • 21st Century Technology integration for college Education majors
  • District and Schools professional development

As an activist, Adora travels advocating for literacy, integration of technology in education, welfare of children, and girl’s rights. Her goal is to encourage public education reform for prevention of social and economic inequality in addition to providing technology and internet access to undeveloped countries.

With such an impressive and extensive resume, Adora still attends school virtually and keeps a blog.

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