Learning from a Monster!

Kids usually pay attention to things like TV, cartoons and other forms of entertainment faster than they would a teacher, lesson or homework assignment! Sesame Street has been a classic television series for children for so many years. Recently, they have been taking advantage of media and social networks to reach even more of an audience. They are using other outlets to teach and entertain kids.

They have recently been using YouTube to create their Sesame Street Science episode. Kids can watch as Cookie Monster and his friend Emma perform different interactive science games through the videos. In this particular video, “Sink or Float?” kids will have to decide which items they pick will sink or float in the water. Some of these items include everyday objects like a rubber band ball, lime and lemon, Ernie’s rubber duckie and a coconut!

This video is great because it follows the common steps of performing a science experiment, which include asking a question, making a hypothesis and observing the results.

There is also a link to the Sesame Street game player, where you will find the full interactive experiment, along with games and other fun resources for kids.

By using Sesame Street characters, along with real kids, it is fun and comparative for all kids to relate to. This video is perfect for kids to see so they can take a look at what they may be doing and to also get them excited and prepared for science experiments to come!

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