Learning & Basketball Fever

Every March, I typically write about how easy it is to capitalize on basketball fever with March Madness and incorporating fun learning activities at home. Many children, especially boys, are interested in following the games to see who wins the college series, along with seeing a superstar, not much older than them, breaking records in the NBA.

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Basketball is a great sport to tie in so many activities including math, language arts, and physical activities.  Math activities at home could include learning about probability, averages, and statistics.  Language arts activities could include having your child research online their favorite NBA and NCAA teams, or write a poem including imagery and emotions of the sport.  You could even have your child actually play basketball games to learn sportsmanship, following rules, and getting in important exercise.

Here are more online resources to help you make the connection to basketball and learning at home.

Education World

Education World has a variety of lessons and links to online lessons that can be adapted for home use about March Madness.  Ideas include creating a predicting the winner game, poems, researching the team mascot and college, along with additional resources like the NCAA schedule, how to calculate percentages of free-throws, and connecting basketball to art and physics.

Math Basketball

Math Basketball has fun online games on the topic of basketball.  The games include addition, subtraction, decimals, fractions, equations, slope intercept, and coordinate plane.  These games are perfect for elementary and middle school aged children.

Leaping From The Box – Capitalizing on Your Child’s Interests

This article is a great resource for parents to find creative ways to incorporate learning activities at home based on their child’s interest.  The parent who wrote this article has a son who is very interested in basketball.  She was able to make many subject areas fit into his passion of basketball.  Activities she included at home were keeping a map of the teams, reading online about the teams, tracking the statics, playing basketball, and learning about teamwork.

Noun Basketball

Noun Basketball is an online game created by Harcourt.  This game is for children to learn about the difference between nouns, proper nouns, and words that are not nouns.  Each time the child gets the correct answer they score a basket.  They then see their scores rise as they answer the words correctly.

Basketball is a great topic to combine learning and fun at home.

Article By Laura Ketcham-VanHellemont

Picture By Erik Charlton

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