Learning Activities at Home

Children who excel in school typically have an education-focused environment where learning is encouraged at home.  There are so many different lessons and activities that can be great experiences for children to develop skills at a young age including reading, math, science exploration, and civics.



Children are encouraged by teachers to read at home for 30 minutes every evening.  Parents should support and encourage this behavior.  This can be done through modeling where parents also engage in reading during the same time.  For younger children, it is important that parents are involved actively by reading with their children and also helping them to find interesting and engaging books and magazines to read.


One way to incorporate math at home is through a cooking lesson.  Children can help in the kitchen to make a family meal and in the process learn how to gather ingredients, follow directions, use proper measuring units, and the use of heat or cooling (temperature) to make the meal.  This activity is great for learning along with having the kids taking ownership and pride in their work.


There are so many science-based activities and lessons that can be done with materials that can be found at home or in the nature that surrounds the house.  Kids can easily make film-canister rockets, soda bottle tornadoes, or grow a small vegetable garden.  They can also observe the insects, animals, plants, and tress in their own back yard.


In the current environment,, the economy and political understanding is very important for older children to begin to be exposed to as much as possible.  One way to do this at home is to watch a national evening news program as a family. The events covered by the new anchor and reporters will then spur conversations between the adults and children for a further understanding. This is important to help children determine their viewpoints and opinions for them become an active adult in society.


The Internet is a great resource for learning activities at home.  There are websites to help children to read, provide book reviews, home-based math lessons, simple science experiments, and social-civics understanding for children.  Below are some websites to check out for more ideas for home learning.

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