Leading to Reading…and More!

Leading to Reading is a great site from Reading is Fundamental, Inc. a company that aims to motivate children to read through free books and literacy resources.

leading to reading

Leading to Reading  is a site that provides free books and resources to children and families. The site is available in both English and Spanish. There are three parts of the site. There is a section for babies and toddlers, a section for preschoolers, and a section for grown-ups. The babies and toddlers section offers a vast amount of free resources including stories, games and more. The preschoolers section also has sing-a-long videos, coloring pages, and more! The grown-ups section offers parents advice and tips on how to get children more excited about reading and literacy.

This site is so interactive, it looks just like a children’s television show. The site’s characters, Riffy and Rita, will guide you through the different sections. The stories available are great because you can read a summary of them before choosing to listen to them. Once you click on them, you can read along with the words and pause or play them again.

The games are also great for building fundamental skills. You can play matching games, counting games or play jigsaw puzzles, too. You can also display your artistic skills on the online coloring pages. You can even learn about animals and nature under the “explore” part of the site.

In the grown up section, there are tons of tips and advice on helping your children learn and grow. So no matter if you are 5 or 500, there is sure to be something on this site for you!

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