Kindergarten Algebra Lessons for Kids

Concrete and Pictorial Patterns

“It’s time for the Penguin Parade! Everyone line up!”

If you’ve been looking for a lesson that introduces simple pictorial, rhythmic and symbolic linear patterns to your lower elementary students in a fun and engaging way, this Smart Tutor lesson is just the thing!

Our usability testing showed that Kindergarten kids loved our cute and quirky penguin characters and enjoyed helping them line up for the Penguin Parade in the correct order.

With the use of funny sound effects, colorful graphics and musical notes, students learn to recognize what comes next, discover how to find the missing element, and identify the repeating part of a linear pattern.

This lesson begins with an interactive tutorial where students are introduced to the concept of patterns, followed by a practice activity where they get to practice the Algebra concepts they have learned, and then a timed and graded quiz to ensure mastery of the learning objectives.

Feel free to use this math lesson with your interactive whiteboard for some whole-class instruction and pattern fun!

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