Kids Who Think Different Can Help Make a Difference!

The word “different” can have many meanings. People can use it in so many ways to describe things that are weird, unique, creative, amazing, brilliant and so many more adjectives. When discussing the many ways of thinking, “different” can be a very good thing.

This video, which is an Apple commercial from the early 1990’s, emphasizes the greatness in being called “different”. Although it is not always easy for some people to “think outside the box”, letting your mind run free and coming up with your own ideas and solutions, can yield great results.

The short clip is a great piece to show kids. It can show them some of the greatest thinkers who were “different”. From John Lennon of the Beatles, to Muhammad Ali, many famous people who were often placed in this category are highlighted. I think this is great for kids to see that sometimes taking risks can turn out into some great ideas. For many of these people who were labeled something by others, they helped do their part in changing the world in one way or another.

With the latest in learning systems, from online tutoring programs like Smart Tutor, to virtual classes like the Khan Academy, thinking differently has its benefits. Twenty years ago, most people would not believe that you could learn from anything other than a teacher in a classroom. With all those “different” thinkers out there, we now know today that this is nothing less than possible. The future awaits the next generation of “different” thinkers!

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