Kids Can Jam Out with Study Jams!

For the musicians and all the other music lovers out there, you may know that sometimes it is necessary to take a break from a long session of studying and just jam out!

study jams

Scholastic Study Jams is a great collection of over 200 learning resource collections for kids! Here you will find videos, slide shows, and explanations for science and math lessons. Topics include a variety of subjects, like invertebrates and the water cycle, just to name a few of them.

Each jam has a teaching video which is also accompanied by a step-by-step slide show, vocabulary and a test that you can practice items about the material you have just learned. There are also suggestions for related jams where you can find other topics of interest in similar subjects, while expanding on your learning.

What’s also great about this site is that it has fun characters that kids can relate to. They have bios complete with their favorite foods, music, etc, just like other kids. They take you through the lessons, in a story like way, making learning fun. You also have the ability to pause and rewind lessons as you need, so you can go back and forth to review. You can also review material in the test section where you can check your understanding and get immediate feedback.

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