Kids Can E-Learn, Too! – e-Learning for Kids

E-learning for Kids is a great site that strives to be the number one source for childhood learning on the Internet.

Great resources shouldn’t be determined by the amount of money spent on equipment or training tools. If everyone believed in these standards, many children would not have the opportunity to expand their learning.

e-Learning for Kids is a global, nonprofit foundation that aims to provide children with fun and free resources on the Internet. They are funded directly from donations. Their resources range in topics and grade levels.

When you enter the site, you can choose from grade level or subject area. The grades range from kindergarten to sixth grade and the subjects include math, language arts, science, computer, environmental skills, health, life skills and English language. The activities are separated by grade levels so you can easily find one to match your child’s needs.

The activities on the site are great for children because they are very interactive. With activities that involve things like baseball and magic, kids will want to participate and have fun.

This site is also great because parents can become more involved with their child’s education. With educator and expert advice, parents can learn tips and ideas for better involving education into their children’s daily lives. There are newsletters and press releases to keep parents and educators informed. It is available in five different languages, too!

With this organization’s resources, you can help incorporate some great material into the classroom or at home. Interactive games will challenge and engage your children into learning.

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