Kid Friendly Photo Apps

I have noticed recently kids really enjoy taking photographs on their mobile phones and on the iPad’s that they use. Parents could harness this interest in photography at home to get their tweens and teens learning at home while using their digital cameras and a few cool apps.


Here are several excellent apps and activity ideas to spur your kids to develop their photography and educational skills at home.


Instragram is a very popular, free photo filter and photo sharing app.  It allows users to take photos on their mobile and tablet devices (both Apple and Android platforms), and add cool filters.  Then the users can seamlessly upload them to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

On the Instragram blog, they have weekly challenges for Twitter users.  This weekend the “hashtag project” was to get out on the town and take pictures of buildings, moments, and other historically significant landmarks.  The winner of the challenge is posted on their blog on Monday.  This is a great way to get kids at home interested in photography, Instragram, social networking, and history.


Skitch is another popular free app for photo editing, annotation, and sharing available for the iPad, Mac, and Android platforms.  This app differs from Instragram in the ability to annotate the photographs.  This includes being able to add arrows, shapes, text, crop, and record your movements on top of the photos and then being able to share them.  This would be great to annotate photos that were taken for a school project.  This app can also be used as a drawing pad or to add annotations to a screenshot, website, or map.  It is a very versatile app that could be used in many learning applications.


Camera+ is a 99 cent app for the iPhone/iPod Touch to improve the quality of the camera.  Features include better exposure, focus, zoom, lighting, and saturation.  All of these options help to improve the photo quality and clarity. Additional fun features include adding effects, choosing scene modes, cropping photos, and adding borders.  Children could use this app at home to help improve the photos that they take on the iPhone or iPod touch.  Activities could include taking photos on a nature hike through a local park and then attempting to classify the animals and plants that you encountered, or taking photos of everyday objects and discussing their geometric shape.

Other Photo Apps to Check Out

  • Pic Stitch & Pic Frame – allows you to combine multiple photos to build collages
  • Color Effects – allows you to remove and add color to specific objects and portions of a photo
  • CamWow Retro – allows you to make current photos look like older photos through filters

Article By Laura Ketcham-VanHellemont

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