Is that a walkman? 5 Ways to Use iPods for Education

Apple’s iPod has transformed the way people interact with music as well as the music industry itself. Anyone in the last few years can see that the iPod has also transformed our children. The trick is not fearing this technology, but harnessing it as a powerful tool for education. The iPod has the power to transform education as it has the music industry. Here are a few ways you can use the iPod as a reward, learning station, or integrated into your curriculum and some links to get you started.

Listen to Audio Books and Podcasts

Record Emerging Readers and Showcase Emerging Writers

Inexpensive microphones are available for the iPod that allow you to recording young readers.  This helps build fluency. Showcasing young writers by allowing them to record and share their work on the iPod gives children motivation and an audience for writing.

Utilize iPod/iPhone Apps for Education

There are hundreds of iPod/iPhone apps for education. Many apps are free, others range from $0.99 – $4.99.

Watch Educational Videos

Navigate to and type in the url from video websites such as the ones below to download and save educational videos to your iPod/iPhone for your children to view at their own pace.

You can also create educational videos for your children with programs such as iMovie, Garageband, ActiveStudio or sign up for a free educator account at Animoto to create fascinating educational videos online.

Some iPods such as the iPod nano actually let you record video as well. These can be used to record presentations or reader’s theaters.

View Podcasts for Professional Development

More iPod Online Resources for Educators

Have you had success using iPods with your kids? Please share your stories.

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