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Episode 20 – August 2, 2010

Feature of the Week – Creative Expressions – ART for Special Needs Students

  • Allows for students with disabilities or handicaps to express themselves in an artistic way.
  • Vary in roles: tracker, drawer, the student who lets the drawer know what should be drawn.
  • Several methods for allowing disabled students to create their own artwork in a new way.

Hashtag Talk – Top 5 Social Media in Education Myths

  • Technology takes too much time!
    • Saves time when used properly.
  • Social media in schools is dangerous!
    • Blocking social media in schools is dangerous. Leaves kids ill equipped.
  • Social media is for entertainment only!
  • Show how influencers can use social media tools to explode their own learning.
  • Social media increases off-task behavior!
    • Potential to  increases collaboration, effort, creativity, and productivity.
  • You don’t need to learn about social media in schools!
    • Students are in constant state of information curation and they cannot do it alone.

Watch and Learn – Video Games Classics

  • Comparing original video games to today’s
  • Funny opinions from kids
  • Compare changes in technology and graphics
  • Same understanding that kids love video games

E-Freebies – 4 Sites for Online Stories

  • Speakaboos, Literactive, Between the Lions and StoryPlace

Teach This – Spend Less Time Searching and More Time Learning

  • Boolify- teach and use boolean operators with ease
  • 5 Innovative Search Engines that Think Differently
    • Mashpedia, Wolfram Alpha,, Twurdy, Google Squared, Yolink Education

So, What Do You Know?

  • You can play “snake” while you wait for the newer Youtube videos to load. Just press any of the arrow buttons and a game of snake will begin. You can even consider playing as the video plays.
  • When you Swallow gum it doesn’t take 7 years to digest.

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