iPhone 4s, does your child (or you) REALLY need one?

Apple has been all the buzz for the passing of their founder Steve Jobs, the release of the iPhone 4s, and the updated operating system iOS 5.  Many of the newspapers and magazines both online and print have been publishing articles about Apple products  and television and social media have highlighted the new technologies.  So, with all of this buzz, do you really need to go out and buy your son or daughter a new iPhone when it hits the shelf today?


New Technology

There are a handful of upgrades to the iPhone 4s when compared to the iPhone 4.

There are several hardware upgrades to the phone.  First off, there is an upgraded processor chip called the A5.  This is a duo-core processor that will increase processing and loading speeds for apps and other programs on the phone.  The phone has also has an upgraded camera.  It is an 8-megapixel camera with a better lens.  Apple’s website touts that it is the best iPhone camera yet with better accuracy and the ability to take better low-light photos.  The still camera upgrade also comes a video upgrade.  With the iPhone 4s,  you can take HD video in 1080p, which is the same quality as many stand-alone home video cameras.  The screen of the iPhone 4s is also higher-resolution making all of your phone dialing, apps playing, and photo taking more vibrant and clear when viewing.

Siri is a built in “intellegent assistant.”  The ‘smart’ app allows you to use many features of the phone hands-free like reading and responding to emails and text messages.  You can also ask it questions like “What is the weather in Miami?” or “Where is the closest deli?” and it will verbally respond or provide pictures or the information to even call or find a location.   You can also use it to update or review schedules and times that are input into the phone in the calendar and clock apps.  The best way to get started with Siri is to just ask Siri “What can you do?”

iOS 5 and the iCloud are two of the most major upgrades, however they are not solely for the iPhone 4s.  These upgrades can be utilized by any of the iPhones and the iPad with some reconfiguration.  These upgrades are awesome (and will be discussed in a future post), but they should not be a reason  why you would switch or buy an iPhone 4s immediately.  The advantage to buying the new product would be the hardware features that can not be changed on previous products and the fact that all software features are preloaded.

The Choice & Bottom Line

If you have a tween or teen that is a responsible child and you believe they have earned the new iPhone, that your phone plan is ready for the lower cost upgrade, and that they currently have a 3Gs or lower model of a phone, then I say yes , purchase the phone at the introductory, plan replacement cost. If your child tends to lose their phones or not treat them well, that they haven’t earned the phone, if your plan is not eilgible for a new phone, or if your child has an iPhone 4, then I say wait until next year when Apple will reveal yet again, another amazing new phone.

Article By Laura Ketcham-VanHellemont

Picture By Yutaka Tsutano

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