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Episode 49 – 3.4.2011

World Read Aloud Day

  • March is the month of World Read Aloud Day, where we take action to show the world that we all have the right to read and write.
  • Angela Maiers, who works closely in the education field, plans to ask children what they would miss the most without the ability to read or write.
  • There are millions of people in the world who do not have this ability. This day should remind children of this fact, and help them appreciate their education and opportunities they are given.
  • Students can learn from each other’s answers and see how literacy really affects their lives on an everyday basis.

iPads for All Students

  • The new iPad was announced and already the education world is forecasting that iPads will take over.
  • How will the edtech field use iPads in the future in the education world?

4 Organization Tools for Kids

  • Remember the Milk
  • Track Class
  • Soshiku
  • Squareleaf

Twitter for Teachers

  • Joe Bower, educator and blogger posted these videos on what educators share with twitter
  • The videos can be shared with teachers who are unsure how to use twitter in the classroom.

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