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Episode 52 – 3.25.2011

Word Girl Definition Competition

  • Word Girl Definition Competition, hosted Word Girl on April 27, 2011; live vocabulary event that is free to participate.
  • You will receive a webcast event kit, which will allow you to participate in the definition competition, and be entered for a chance to win books and Word Girl prizes.
  • The 30 minute live webcast has three rounds, along with a bonus round. It is in a game-show format, where students will work with vocabulary skills to answer questions.
  • This is a fun and unique activity that both parents and teachers can have their students participate in and keep reading throughout the year.

The Hybrid Schools

  • Hybrid schools combine online instruction with face-to-face time with teachers.
  • Challenges are being addressed using this model where each student is able to find the way they learn best and teachers are able to fill out the gaps.
  • School One in New York, is already showing great success and inspiring stories.

Poetry Resources

  • Rhyme Rodeo
  • Magnetic Fridge Poetry
  • Haiku Builder
  • Poetry Splatter

iPad Donations for Teach for America

  • Apple and Teach for America are getting together accepting donations of original versions of iPad to donate to educators and students.
  • To donate, simply go to an apple store or visit this link http://www.apple.com/retail/
  • Spread the word!

e-Learning Today TV – View in iTunes

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