iPad Apps for Kids that are Comically Creative!

With so many books and other forms of print going digital, there are so many other categories that have been quick to follow. Having an iPad is another great reason to explore the options of another genre of reading materials, comic books!



This iPhone/iPad comic app has Marvel, DC and the Walking Dead comics that can all be read on the web! With the largest comic library and store, there are more than 300 free comics in this app alone, so everyone can find something they like!

Archie Comics

One of the most famous comic series, Archie, can now be found on the iPad! With one application, you can read over 50 Archie titles. This family friendly application is safe and features the Archie gang. You can also get more digital comics with the new releases that come out!

IDW Comics

This app gives you access to the complete IDW digital comic library! It works with the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and has over 650 comics, along with 10 free books! From horrow to sci-fi and adventures, you are sure to find something you like here. You can also browse some of the biggest names in film and TV along with some of the classic comics of the 70’s and 80’s.

Marvel Comics

You can experience all the greatness that is Marvel Comics, on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad! With the help of the world’s most popular super heroes, you can download hundreds of comic books, starring these great characters. Different viewing options allow you to zoom and pan through stories!

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