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Using mobile technology like tablets, e-readers, and cell phones to extend education is a great way to get children learning on the go.  There are so many apps to choose from that sometimes it makes the task of looking for good apps for children a bit daunting.  Here are a few intriguing apps, educational, interactive, apps that will engage your children in active learning.


Smash Your Food

Smash Your Food is a nutrition education app.  It is one of the most engaging ways that I have seen to get kids actively learning about nutrition and how what they eat affects their body.  The user watches a video of different types of foods being smashed to then see what the contents of the food is in sugar, salt, and oil.  It is interactive in nature by allowing the child to guess the contents first, then they get to smash the food, and then the results are creatively displayed.  Additional resources about nutrition and healthy eating are provided for both children and parents.  Super cool, super gross, and guaranteed to have your children remember about good nutrition.

Toca House

Toca House, created by Toca Boca, is an engaging app that teaches younger children about completing chores around the house. Through an interactive game mode, there are intriguing characters that have to clean the house complete chores like ironing, doing dishes, mowing the lawn, or sweeping.  The game style and amazing artwork and graphics make this a highly engaging app for children.  In turn, the goal would be for children to then learn how to complete the chore in real life with the assistance of a parent.


Circadia is a music, colors, and puzzle app wrapped up into one.  Users follow the on screen instructions for the puzzle and tap the dots to release bursts of color on the screen.  The size of the dot effects the pitch and release speed of the burst, the smaller the dot, the higher the pitcher and the faster the burst.  The further you progress in the game, the trickier the puzzles get.  This app is highly engaging and additive.  Children can take away the musical concepts of pitch and speed while engaging their problem solving skills.  Here is a video of an example of the game play.

Multiplication: Invasion of the Moon Monkeys

Memorizing multiplication facts is a very important math skill to learn that impacts other more difficult math skills.  Invasion of the Moon Monkeys makes practicing these skills fun for children.  This arcade style game pits children against the moon monkeys to save the world by solving their times tables.  A competition mode is also available so parents can play with their children or siblings can play against each other to earn the highest points.

Finding different types of apps that appeal to children that involve high-interest subjects and gaining knowledge is a great way to keep kids learning on the go.

Article By Laura Ketcham-VanHellemont

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