Interactive Learning – Teaching Through Videos

Sometimes lecture halls or classrooms with over 30 students can feel like a tough job for a teacher. How would you feel if you had to teach about a class of thousands of students?

If this seems impossible, it’s not. Khan Academy is an online resource for learning. Started by Salman Khan, this man gave up his successful career to teach people through the power of YouTube. With over 1200 videos, he covers everything from basic math and algebra skills to chemistry and finance.

His true love for teaching inspires him to post the videos. The videos show his passion and enthusiasm through each individual lesson. Students from all over the world turn to these videos to help get them through the more difficult lessons.

Here is a short video explaining the overview of the school. You can see Khan’s passion for teaching and helping others through his work.

His mission is to provide a high quality education to anyone, no matter where they are. Since the videos are free, there is no need to worry about costs or additional pricing. For people in low income areas or countries, this is sometimes the only reason holding them back from getting a better education. The videos have been featured on CNN and USA Today. Over 80,000 students are currently using the videos and that number continually grows.

The videos from Khan offer a more personal and intimate way to learn, as well as the ability for students to learn at their own pace.

You can view the entire Khan Academy channel on YouTube by clicking here.

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