Interactive Field Trips for Students

meet me around the cornerMeet Me at the Corner, Virtual Field Trips for Kids is an interactive site encouraging children to express themselves through the use of videos. What is great about this site is that videos are submitted from children all over the world. Through these videos, children can learn the art of storytelling and self-expression.

The site started by showcasing video podcasts highlighting people and events of New York City and has since grown to show people in California, Colorado, North Carolina, Texas and Maryland.

There is so much to do on this site. You can watch all the videos that are available. Some explain how to make podcasts, some take you on field trips to museums and some introduce you to scientists. Whatever the topic is, children will be able to relate to them because they are done by kids just like them.

There is also a contest section on the site. Here, there are links to many contests that kids can enter. There are also tips on many different ideas from kids all around the world.

New, educational and kid-friendly videos are uploaded every two weeks. The website also gives links to their site, Learning Center, which has follow up questions you can use to help start discussions. The Big Apple Book Club is a link that will give you video book reviews for kids by kids.

Meet Me at the Corner can add extra entertainment and fun to your learning environment. Through this site you can take your kids on a field trip, without even leaving the room!

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