Incredibox – Up-and-Coming Music Creation Site

Incredibox is an up and coming website where children can create their own music! This fun and educational site created by a French design company and a French musical group, allows children to build their own songs including effects, beats, melodies, chorus, and voices.


Easy to Use & Compose

Each of the color coded musical options can be dragged onto the main screen and then a character appears and will begin to sing in the selected option.  The characters take on the personality of their beat including hats, glasses, and different shirts.  Once the characters have been added to the screen, you can mute, include a solo, or delete their addition to the song.    This will require the child to be interactive with the site and muting, adding solos, or deleting the various musical sounds. This can be something that was created on the spur like improvisation or something that was already rehearsed.  Once happy with the song, you can record your composition for sharing.

Additional Options

Another option available on the site is to shuffle your song.  This moves the characters and the sounds around to create a completely different song based on the same sound choices.  There are also shortcuts to the mute, solo, and delete options.  To mute you can single click the character, to add a long you hold the left mouse button down, and to delete an action you can double click on the character.

Another interactive element of the website is that there are awards that can be earned.  These include bonus songs made by the creators of the website for using different aspects of the site like creating a song you enjoy and trying out all of the different effects.

Educational Use

This website is great for children who are interested in music.  They can easily compose their own songs, record them, and share them with friends via email or social networking sites.  An upgrade that is soon to be released will allow users to save their songs as embed code to add into their own websites.  Children of various ages could use this site from elementary to college aged.  I think boys would be particularly interested in this website as the musical characters are men.

This site can be used for children to learn about beats, musical composition, and express their creativity.

Additional Free Online Music Creation Sites

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Article By Laura Ketcham-VanHellemont

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