Incorporating Magazine & Newspaper Articles Across the Curriculum

As I was reading Wired Magazine this weekend on my iPad , I came across two articles that would be great springboards for lessons.  One article is about iPad safety on public transportation.  This short article gave tips on how to be safe on public transportation while using higher-end electronics.  The second article was titled “Addicted to Cars.”  This article is about the merchandizing empire of the Cars movie series produced by Disney/Pixar, which would be great to incorporate in a business lesson.


Current Event Options for Middle School Students

Articles from magazines, newspapers and online resources can be a great cross-curriculum activity for children to learn about the current events in almost every subject area.  This would increase world awareness and knowledge of the current trends on the subject.

Middle school children can read articles from the local and national newspapers, magazines based on the topic they are learning, or online resources with high-quality articles.  Activities for current events could include writing summaries to share and present, discussing the article as a group, or by creating a current events journal they keep and add to throughout the year.  Education World has a great list of 25 ways that you can incorporate current events into many different situations.

Current Event Options for Elementary Students

Elementary children can read current events by reading kid friendly magazines made for school like Time for Kids or National Geographic for Kids.  For a fee, each month the school is sent the magazine for each child.  The articles include activities, review questions, and online connections.

Websites for kids are also good resources for kid’s current events to incorporate into the classroom.  DOGO News has articles that are on high-interest topics for younger kids that are also written at the appropriate reading level.   The articles can be searched and sorted through by topic, date, and keyword.  Scholastic News Online is also an interactive current events resource.  The website includes current event articles, articles written by kids, games, quizzes, book reviews written by kids, and is easy to search and navigate even for kids.

Incorporating current events from magazines and newspapers across the curriculum can be a way for children to make connections with their community, nation, and the world.

Article By Laura Ketcham

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