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There are so many tools and resources that are available to the education world that let you and create tons of different applications. These sites are great for incorporating into projects, lessons or just having fun with learning! These 4 sites will provide you with a quick variety of some of those great resources. Combining technology with learning is just another way of preparing children for the future while having fun.

creativity – This site offers an easy way to both create and share documents. This is a great way to share and have whole group discussions on pictures, articles and other documents. By creating your own URL you can also have children participate in projects without using a single piece of paper.

Sharendipity – This tool that lets you create your own learning and educational game.  With ready-made templates available if you don’t want to start from scratch. Because they are customizable, you can ensure your kids practice exactly the skills they have been working on. You can upload your own images to make your game more personal and familiar. Easy sharing features allow you to send your url to others or embed the game to a website!

Wordia Schools – This site “brings words to life through video.” This is done with ease on the website.  You are able to create student accounts as well as share links on social media networks. Record your own video for a definition and share it with the world. Grouped by subject and academic year, it is easy to browse and find what you’re looking for. Submissions will be available for viewing right alongside the Wordia expert videos!

Simple Diagrams – Creating diagrams has never been simpler! You can combine clip art, pictures, text and other drawings, along with shapes and ready made drawings. Easy drag and drop features also allow you to change the size of elements being used. With pencil drawing tools, you can also create new elements from scratch. Children can easily make charts and other graphs with this program.

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