iMagine that with iMagine machine’s Faces iMake!

People from all over the world often come together at conferences, lectures and other events, to hear from experts in a particular field. At the Dust or Magic Design Institute, attendees get the chance to listen to some great speakers in the fields of technology, education, and other related topics. Many apps and websites have been discussed each year. One that was extremely popular at this year’s conference is the Faces iMake, from iMagine machine LLc.

faces imake

iMagine machine is a developer and publishing house of innovative and cutting edge iPhone applications. With many apps for the children and education fields, they strive to help children, parents and teachers all over the world to have better learning experiences through the use of their applications. Joined with internationally renowned author and illustrator Hanoch Piven, and based on his highly acclaimed and Creative Workshops, the app aims to teach children to look at the world around you with fresh eyes.

This FREE app, 2010 Media of the Year Award Winner, is a fun and interactive way for kids to get creative. This app lets users choose from a variety of objects and shapes that they can put together to create brand new masterpieces. This is a great tool for all kids who want to have a lot of range in their artistic abilities.

With this app, children can save their faces they have created into a gallery. They can even take those faces and assign them to contacts in the iPhone. They can also upload them to the computer or share them with others.

Whatever it is that children decide to do with this app, they have the chance to express themselves creatively and use their imagination, which is always important to do when learning!

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