How to Make an iPad Kid-Friendly

Some parents this holiday season may be purchasing an iPad for their child.  It is one of the most requested gifts by kids.  As a parent, you may be thinking that it is a good investment.  It is very portable and can be used for education and entertainment.


When considering buying or if you already have purchased an iPad for a child, there are some things that you need to consider – safety features and setting up the iPad for use by a child. Different levels of restrictions and modifications can be applied for children of different age levels.


When you are setting up the iPad for your child, the first place that you want to visit is the Settings section.  Then select Restrictions.  You will then enable Restrictions and add a password that only you know (don’t tell your children).  For a younger child, you will most likely want to disable Safari, YouTube, Ping, Installing Apps, Deleting Apps, Accounts, and In-App purchases. Other settings in this category can be restricted or allowed depending on the age of the child or the amount of restriction you prefer on the device.  This could include FaceTime and the Camera.

Within Settings, you can also make restrictions on allowed contenting and a few gaming options.  You can set rating limitations for music, podcasts, movies, TV shows, and apps. This allows you to have a lot of control over the content that your child can view and buy using an iPad.

If you would like to allow your child to be able to download and purchase items from the App Store and not complete restrict this option, you can require for the iPad to prompt for a password so that you can approve the purchase.

The success of keeping your child safe on an iPad is to keep your password secret.  If your child goes into to try to remove the restrictions they will be required to enter your password, so you need to make sure that they do not know the password.

Other Options to Modify

Another option that I suggest blocking access to is iMessage.  Under Settings, this option can also be turned off and the user will need the password to turn it back on.  This feature allows children to send text messages for free to their friends.

Especially for younger child, if you choose to block Safari, the web browser, you should definitely install another child-friendly web browser.

Mobicip is a child friendly browser ($4.99).  It provides children the ability to search that looks identical to Safari, however, if the child types in any inappropriate words, the search will be blocked.  It also blocks the ability to access inappropriate videos on YouTube. Premium parental controls can also be purchased to allow more customization in restricted access and setting time limits.

The iPad can be a great educational and entertainment choice for your child this holiday season.

Article By Laura Ketcham-VanHellemont

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