How Do You Say…? Language Learning Tools

Many children are fortunate enough to learn more than one language when they are very young. Learning multiple languages at such a young age is a great learning skill that can help them advance in many areas. While some children do not come from multi-lingual families, they do have the chance to take foreign language classes in school. Also, there are tons of resources on the web that can help foster this education. A lot of these language resources can be found at no cost.


Learn a Language is a free online learning resource. This site was created by the U.S. Institute of Languages. You can choose from eight popular languages, which include Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, German, Chinese, Russian and English.

Once you select a language, you will see many different areas that you can explore. You can see words from that language, verbs, and a dictionary, history of the language, phrases, a blog and a forum. The blog and forum are great areas where you can explore the language with others who are speakers or learners. You can also explore tips and other fun facts from people who actually live in these countries!

The other really great thing about this site is the flashcards. You will be provided with words in both English and the foreign language. You can click on the flash cards to get a virtual interpretation. Read the words and then click on the card to watch it flip over with the answer. There is even a game where you can use your skills to play along!

This site really makes it fun and exciting to learn a new language! Get your kids on here and let them explore!

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