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With all the new children’s books constantly being released, it is nice to sometimes go back to the classics. Peter Rabbit is one character that many people still remember from reading tales as a child. The World of Peter Rabbit is a captivating site where the stories of Peter Rabbit come to life. The interactive site is made to look like a popup book. Each activity or game comes to life in an almost real-life display. Children can meet all the characters of the tales on this site through character descriptions. You can also read about the author, Beatrix Potter and the background behind her stories and art.

peter rabbit

You can also watch videos of the stories, play games like an egg hunt or a maze with Peter Rabbit and find other fun activities you can do in your free time. You can even create your own interactive Peter Rabbit puppet show and upload pictures of students or pets so they can be a part of the show, too! The puppet show is just another way to encourage storytelling and writing skills.

This beautiful site is great for introducing your kids to the classic tales of Peter Rabbit. From this site, they can go to the library and start reading other classic tales. It is also a great website for a specific unit on an author. It is a great way to show kids that stories that are still great, even though they are much older than the ones they normally read.

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