Homework Approaches – Video for Kids

Just as there are so many different approaches to educating children, there are just as many, if not more, ways that children approach learning and completing assignments.

This video, from the famous Charlie Brown cartoons, shows different approaches that these children have on writing a book report. The book report has been a popular assignment in school, and still is. This video shows different types of learners that teachers often see in their very own classrooms.

The different characters all show qualities of real children. Lucy’s character tries to use as many little words as possible to fill up the required amount for the assignment. For children who do not like certain assignments, they often take this approach. This is not always the best way, because sometimes it can be a negative reminder of reading and writing.

Schroeder is struggling with the assignment so he relates it to another story that he has read. Many children approach assignments like this, using information from previous material they are familiar with and using it to their advantage.

Charlie Brown represents many kids, thinking about playing outside and often leaving his assignments to the last minute, whereas Linus represents the hard working one. He researches his topic before starting his assignment and puts in much more time and effort than the other children.

Assignments can be interpreted in many ways by both parents and children. This video is a perfect example of just how this can be done.

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