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Episode 26  –  September 17, 2010

Feature of the Week – Program for Students with Autism and Hearing Impairments

  • First program geared towards students with autism who are also deaf.
  • Caters the material and curriculum specifically towards them
  • Research will also be done to discover the most effective ways of learning

Watch and Learn – Life in a Day

  • Channel dedicated to user video submissions
  • Grouped by geographic region and tags
  • Gives you a real life look into someone else’s life
  • Can serve as a tool in global studies and other class projects.

Teach This – 5 Homework Tips for Parents and Teachers

  • Establish a Routine and Schedule
  • Specific time and place for homework, stick to the schedule, limit distractions
  • Let go and Let Learn
    • Assist in getting started, then leave, monitor and give feedback without doing all work together, do not correct entire assignment
  • Help Your Student Organize (Your Role)
    • Assignments and dates, divide into smaller, manageable parts, supervise that completed work leaves home, plan study sessions and help study
  • Use Positive Reinforcement
    • Praise, incentives, contracts, model love of learning, library visits, etc.
  • Seek Help when Necessary
    • No excessive amount of time on homework, tutoring, study buddy

E-Freebies – Grants Opportunities for September

  • 15th- Ezra Jack Keats Foundation Mini Grants
  • 30th – Captain Planet Foundation Grants
  • 30th – Northrop Grumman Corp.
  • Verizon Foundation Grants
  • Do Something Grants for Community Building, Health and the Environment
  • Intel Community Grants

So, What Do You Know?

  • The record for the world’s tallest dog belongs to a Great Dane named Giant George. He measures 3 feet 7 inches from paw to shoulder and over 7 feet long from nose to tail. At 245 pounds he sleeps alone in his own queen size bed!
  • Over 21 million dollars is spent on Halloween candy each year. 20 million pounds of candy corn. The most popular brand of candy corn sells enough corn to circle the earth 4 ¼ times if each kernel was laid out end to end!

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