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LEGO releases interactive site to inspire creativity

Ever have that “a-ha!” moment?

Ever want to share it with the whole world?

LEGO knows exactly how you are feeling when you experience those moments. That’s why they created a place where you can share those creative ideas.

LEGO CLICK is a virtual world where people can share ideas about toys, products and technology. Inspiring moments, ideas and stories are all shared here. With colorful graphics, videos and discussions, it is no wonder why people come here for inspiration. You can read stories from others about how things CLICKed for them, creative ideas about finding your own CLICK moment and plenty of media to help with that creation.

The site features different areas that you can explore. One tab displays LEGO-related tweets from Twitter. Another tab shows photos people have uploaded and another one shows videos. The interactive site is very eye-catching for both parents and children. The LEGO planes that fly across the screen are inspiring enough on their own.

This short film that is featured on the site really drives home the idea of creativity. Watch as an inventor is inspired by his own work and the work of others to have his very own CLICK moment.

LEGO has been a household name as children have been using their products since its creation in the 1930s, both in and out of school. They are great encouragers of creativity, which is important to a child’s development. By fostering these “a-ha” moments and creativity at such a young age, LEGO will help lead to a lifetime of such ideas.

There is even an iPhone application for LEGO that is fun for all ages. You simply take a picture of something and the application will turn that picture into LEGO form where you can then submit it to LEGO CLICK.

If you are feeling inspired, you can send in your LEGO CLICK moments by emailing, posting a comment on the LEGO CLICK Facebook page or sending a tweet with the hashtag #legoclick.

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