Help Save the Rainforest | Reading Comprehension | Second Grade

This article is about saving the Rain Forest and presents the concept of Cause and Effect.

Did you know millions of animals, plants and insects live in rainforests?  Sadly, they are in danger.   Every day people cut down trees in rainforests. Many animals, plants and insects lose their homes when trees are cut down.

Animals and insects sometimes die when they can’t find another place to live. They may also become endangered or extinct. Endangered means that they are in danger of dying out. When a type of plant or animal becomes extinct, it can no longer be found living anywhere on our planet.

We can help save the rainforests!  Since trees are used to make paper, we can help save paper. We can do this by recycling paper.  We can also write on both sides of paper. Try eating off of plates you can wash!  This is better than using paper plates that are thrown away.

If we use less paper, then less trees will get cut down. When we cut down less trees in rainforests, we also save the animals, plants and insects that live there!

Here are some questions you can ask about this article:

  • How can we help save the rain forests?
  • What happens when people cut down trees?

What could happen if animals and insects lose their homes?

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