Heard the Hoot? HootCourse Online Classroom Tool

As more and more people are looking to the Internet and other web 2.0 tools for enhancements in their learning, there are more and more tools and services being released to help achieve that goal.


A HootCourse is an online classroom that combines some of the most popular social networks, as well as blogging platforms, to offer a new type of online classroom. Each course is built on tweets and status updates, all in real-time. With no real structure to each course, they are easy to create and use.

Educators really have a chance to become involved. Because this creates a virtual environment, there is plenty of room for instruction and dialogue. The educator has the same full freedom as they do in the classroom on what will be covered. Children can tweet questions of comments during lectures without having to stop the entire discussion.

You can create a course for free. You can then send out tweets about assignments, homework, quizzes or any other information.

Another great feature is that both children and educators can sign in using their Facebook or Twitter accounts and interact in the course with the HootCourse website. It can be used from web browsers or phones, making interaction more accessible.

By combining a HootCourse with a face-to-face lesson, you can increase interactions. Children in similar courses can interact even out of the classroom, forming study groups and other ways to keep learning exciting.

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