Hear This! – 3 Free Resources for Audio Stories

When a child hears a story from someone other than a teacher, sometimes they can be more engaged. The differences in a tone of voice, expression and emotion can all affect how a child will experience a particular story.

Here are three great websites that all offer free audio books and stories. Audio stories like these are also great for children who are auditory learners. They also work well with those who are practicing reading skills or those who simply love to hear stories!

Audio Owl

audio owl

AudioOwl is a website full of free high quality audio books. There are books from over 40 different categories. You can search for them by title, author name or key phrase. You can even preview the author’s voice and narration of the books before you download.

There are also featured books on the home page that are the most popular choices. All books have great sound quality. Some of them are even offered in more than one language. By downloading the books, you can add it to your iTunes library as a podcast or just download it to your computer as an MP3 file.

Storyline Online

storyline online

Storyline Online is an online, streaming video program that features members of the Screen Actors Guild reading award-winning children’s books. There are dozens of stories to choose from that range in topic and theme.

Most of the actors that are reading the stories are the same ones that students watch on television every day. They may recognize some of their favorite stars from shows or movies. All you have to do is browse through the titles and click on one that you want to hear. You will see a picture of the book, a summary and the actor who is reading the book.

Once you click on the book, a video screen pops up. You can choose to have captions on or off. By combining visual with audio and reading, your students will get a very interactive way to enhance their reading skills. The site also offers discussion questions and activities that you can use in your classroom.

Online Audio Stories

online audio

Online Audio Stories is an exciting online collection of free audio stories for children. Classics like Beauty and the Beast and Hansel and Gretel are all free to download.

The stories include text that students can read along with. There are stories from famous authors like Mark Twain, Robert Louis Stevenson, Brothers Grimm, William Shakespeare, and many more!

They have a variety of genres like fables, limericks, fairy tales and more. The stories are perfect for all types of learners because it does have both text and audio.

This website also offers the stories as a great way to learn English online. Because they come with translatable text and audio, they all have very clear pronunciation. It is a way to bring the historical and classic stories of tradition to a modern classroom.

No matter what topic or type of story you listen to, audio books are a great way for students to get engaged in a new way. With so many great sites like the ones above, there are plenty of books to fill your students’ minds!

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