Handwriting Skills

Handwriting is a very important skill to learn, however, it has been dropped in importance in the elementary curriculum.  Technology has also had an impact on handwriting. Some individuals feel that it does not have as much importance as it did in the past because most materials are typed and printed.


On the website Parent Guide News, they provide a list of tips for parents on how they can help their children learn handwriting skills at home.  Modeling, correcting the way a child grips the pencil, developing fine motor skills, and practicing the alphabet are among the suggestions.

Online Handwriting Activities

While I did say that technology does impede the thought of need for handwriting skills, it can also be an asset in your child’s handwriting skills.  There are many websites and apps that offer learning opportunities for your child to practice these skills.

Spelling City allows children to create spelling lists based on their spelling words at school.  These lists can then be used for a variety of activities including being able to turn it into a handwriting worksheet.

Chateau Meddybemps, a learning game website, provides animations of how the letters should be drawn (both lowercase and capitals).  Then, there is a practice pad, where children can practice forming the letters on the virtual pad of paper.  Their written work can then be printed.  The website is very cute and interactive and uses “Spinner the Writing Spider” to help guide the children to practice handwriting skills.  This website also has other writing and typing activities perfect for children.

Another website, directed for parents, is Mrs. Meacham’s classroom website.  On her site, she has a compilation of tips for parents to help their children learn good handwriting skills.  Some of the activities involved technology, others include printables, and the most creative ones involve singing and art supplies.

Handwriting Apps

Apps may be an even better resource for helping your child practice handwriting skills.  Tablets provide an on-the-go way for children to practice at almost any location.  There is also a wide variety of apps aimed a different grade levels of children.  On the Smart Apps for Kids website, they provide an annotated list of the most popular handwriting apps for children with reviews.  This will make it easier for you to choose which app is best for your child.  One suggestion based on the reviews from this website is to buy a stylus for your child to use to interact with the apps so that the transition to a pencil will be less cumbersome.

Handwriting skills are very important for children to master at a young age.  It is important that parents facilitate this learning as it is not always emphasized in the school setting.

Article By Laura Ketcham-VanHellemont

Picture By Sarah Korf

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